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Art Links

Fine Arts    Links to Australian Art State and National Art Galleries. Some links to Australian town and suburban galleries and international galleries.
Craft Markets    Links to International and Australian Artists for craft and design and jewellery. Links to commercial Art portals.
Paddo Walks   Suggested walks around the Art Galleries in Paddington, Sydney, Australia.
Surry Hills Walks   Suggested walks around the Art Galleries in Surry Hills, Sydney, Australia.
Darlinghurst Walk   Suggested walks around the Art Galleries in Darlinghurst, Sydney, Australia.
Chippendale Walk   Suggested walks around the Art Galleries in Chippendale, Sydney, Australia.
Aboriginal Art    Links to Australian Art Galleries on Aboriginal Art and the culture of Australian's Indigenous people.
Fashion    Links to Australian Fashion Designers and International Designers. Information on French Couture.
Photography    Links to Australian Photographers, major manufacturers of cameras and their tutorials for taking the best pictures.
Writers     Links to Australian bookstores and publishers. Hints on writing and writing for the web. Works by Lesley Mellor, and links to some major writers.


News and Finance    International and Australian news and general finance information. Australian Banks and major financial institutions.
Property    Australian property guides and preparation for selling your property. Sydney Real Estate offices and contacts.
Politics    Australian politics, the parties, history and general information.
Education    Australian adult education institutions, both public and private.
IT Training   Links to sites for those starting to learn computers, e-learning sites and IT related magazines.
IT Technical information    Links to major computing companies, Australian communication services and ISPs. Links to organisations who set the standards for computing, cabling, electrical wiring and communications.


Sydney   For the traveller in Sydney, Australia. Accommodation, public transport, business services, entertainment, cinemas, theatre and handy e-grocery shopping.
New Zealand   For the traveller in NZ. Accommodation, public transport and business services.
Not the News    General information including Australian satirical links, the Monarchy, the Pope, food, cartoons, Dilbert, sheet music. Just all kinds of "stuff".
References   References for worldwide White and Yellow Pages, email addresses, the weather world wide, maps, time and world religious holidays and each country's public holidays.
Local History   Historical accounts of the early days of European settlement in Sydney.

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